It works with NanoMagic Fountain Controller

The Water Switch 601 fountain nozzle is a perfect combination of stainless steel, copper and glass-filled nylon. The fountain nozzle can operate with the least possibility of malfunction due to the careful development. The Water Switch 601 fountain nozzle can be easily connected to control systems of all kinds of fountains; it needs only one output device to the fountain’s main computer. Use a pump with frequency controlled motor to reach the perfect display of water.

Really Fast

To reach the perfect water movement, the solenoid valve can open up to 120 times in a minute.

Works with NanoMagic

The Water Swith 601 series are designed for NanoMagic Fountain controller.

Working Voltage

It works with 24V AC. Only 3 wire for controlling and power supply.

Amazing Water Effect

Switchin one single nozzle, group of nozzles, running or sequencing and more

Water Switch 601 NanoMagic

Try Our Fountain Programming Tool!

Just click the button, and try it. No registration needed.
Username and password are: demo

TIPP: see the help page after logging in (link in top right corner).

Simple program upload with microSD card

When you are done programming, you download the fountain show program, which will be a single file with “.nan” extension. You copy this file on the microSD card supplied with the fountain controller, and plug it into the master. That’s it, plug and play.

30 Minute Show Lengh

The show you design can be even 30 minutes long. This would sound like eternity if you wanted to program an old-school PLC, which generally have no more then a few minutes of play. The show you design will be repeated in a time window, which you can specify. Also, you can add an optional delay between the replays.

Test drive all nozzles

We found it helpful to have a single switch to turn on all nozzles temporarily. It saves time during installation, a quick way to locate issues, and may be a godsend upon handover. Physically, the Master fountain controller unit has dedicated in/outputs for a 3-way switch. The fountain is either in the normal AUTO mode, in MANUAL which is the test mode explained above, or in STANDBY mode.

Designer’s Section

You can use the hydraulic details for your design.
Extended details: Contact Us

Spray height in Meter/Feet

Head in Mtr./Psi4.70/6.685.20/7.395.70/8.107.7/10.9410.70/15.22

Operating Voltage: 24 VAC

Switching Speed: 0.2 sec

Connection: 1`` BSP

Document Download

Weight5.1 kg
Dimensions24 × 7 × 9 in

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